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Adult Day Care Program

Our Services: Our Services

Information for Elderly Care Applicants and Families

At the Successful Living Center Adult Day Care program, we encourage independence and social interaction. The Center will provide a pleasant, comfortable, safe, homelike atmosphere with proper supervision of participants.
The staff is committed to the concept of the Center and to its place within the continuum of the care for adults who will benefit from our program. Family and community involvement is considered essential in planning of care and activities for each participant.
The Center believes in including family input at all levels of decision-making. The goals set with each participant are aimed at obtaining the highest level of independence and wellness. The 1:5 staff-to-client ratio reinforces the belief of an individualized program.


Program Services

  • Memory enhancement activities

  • Physical exercise program

  • Social activities

  • Individualized care plans

  • Arts and crafts

  • Gardening

  • Medication assistance

  • A caring staff of trained professionals and volunteers

Healing Hands

Emergency Care Procedures

  • The Director or designee will assess the situation

  • If assessment deems the necessity for medical evaluation appropriate actions will be taken and the emergency contact notified.

  • All patients will receive CPR unless a Living Will with DNR orders is on file.

  • Family may be requested to transport the client home early due to illness or inclement weather.


Read our COVID-19 Guidelines here 

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